Servergove: PHP Community conference wrapup

We were at the PHP Community conference last week and it was a lot of fun. First of all Nashville is a great city. Friendly people, lots of techies, good food & music. We had a good time. Oh yeah, the conference was good too.

Lorna Mitchell had a great talk about web services. It was particularly interesting to us because we are currently working on building our API into our hosting platform. She gave us a lot to think about and we might have to push the launch date back a bit to incorporate some of the ideas we got. Thanks Lorna.

Paul Reinheimer had an honest and inspiring talk about starting up his company. We enjoyed it and will probably be incorporating and/or in some way or another into our products.

Day two opened well, Rasmus gave a very interesting talk about various things, but mostly performance. I liked it. It also ended well with the pecha kucha talks. Ryan Weaver had a very funny talk on writing terrible documentation. Not that developers need much prodding to write bad docs….

While in Nashville we also met with Jon Wage to talk about our new MongoDB hosting product. Things are coming along nicely, expect a beta soon! Can’t wait to release this product, it’s just amazing what’s getting done.

As always, it was good to see all our friends and clients again. We always get new ideas by talking to people and this conference was no exception. Our projects list grew daily as we continue to thrive to build the best ever hosting service for PHP applications.

Hope to see you next year!


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